7 Types of Canned Tomatoes and How to Use Them

Everything you want to know about canned tomatoes! We'll tell you about the different kinds, what swaps you can make, and how to make the most of whatever kind of canned tomato you have!

7 Types of Canned Tomatoes and How to Use Them

We are cooking from the wash room now like never before, which means we're attempting to keep it supplied with staples. What's more, canned tomatoes? Unquestionably a staple! Such huge numbers of plans – bean stew, meatballs, Indian margarine chicken, Mexican lasagna – require a jar of tomatoes. 

Be that as it may, what sort of can? Contingent upon the formula, you might be requested diced tomatoes, squashed, entire stripped … the rundown goes on! So what's the distinction between all these various sorts of canned tomatoes? Furthermore, would you be able to trade, say, a jar of squashed tomatoes with a jar of diced tomatoes? Or on the other hand perhaps the racks at your supermarket are gotten out of each sort of canned tomato however the stewed assortment. You've never purchased stewed tomatoes. What are stewed tomatoes?! 

We have answers, companions, and can help light the path on your canned tomato venture! 

Various types of canned tomatoes 


Each sort of canned tomato begins a similar way: with newly picked tomatoes (as a rule plum tomatoes) that are stripped, cooked, and prepared not long after they're collected so as to hold that ready, red flavor they have at their pinnacle. 

For stripping, the tomatoes are either set in a lye shower, which is modest and proficient, or steam-stripped. Numerous brands state "steam stripped" on the mark if that is the means by which they've been prepared. All natural stripped tomatoes must be steam-stripped so as to be marked natural. 

Contingent upon the sort of canned tomato and the brand, fixing records on a jar of tomatoes can go from straightforward ("tomatoes, tomato juice") to marginally more if the tomatoes were handled with citrus extract, calcium chloride, or incorporate flavorings like basil and garlic. Diced tomatoes, for instance, consistently incorporate calcium chloride since it helps the tomato pieces keep their shape. 

Entire stripped tomatoes in white bowl 

Entire stripped tomatoes 


Entire stripped tomatoes are stuffed in either tomato squeeze or puree. They are the most flexible sort of canned tomato you can purchase, since you can essentially transform an entire stripped tomato into whatever you need! On their own they're extraordinary for long-stewing plans like natively constructed tomato sauce, tomato soup, or chicken stew where you need the tomatoes to truly separate. 

Trade TIP: Turn entire stripped tomatoes into what you need! Slash them into diced tomatoes, press them through a nourishment factory, with a potato masher (or utilize your hands) to make squashed tomatoes, or mix them in a nourishment processor or blender for a purée. 

Diced tomatoes in white bowl 

Diced tomatoes 


Diced tomatoes are slashed before canning and afterward handled with calcium chloride and citrus extract to enable the pieces to keep their shape. Accordingly, they're firmer than either entire or squashed tomatoes, so despite the fact that you'd anticipate that the littler pieces should separate faster in cooking, the inverse really occurs! 

Diced tomatoes work best in plans where you need noticeable, tastable tomato pieces in the wake of cooking, as in hamburger bean stew or taco soup (especially on the off chance that you get a fire-broiled assortment!), fish stew, chickpea curry, or prepared shrimp in feta sauce! 

Trade TIP: Diced tomatoes can be utilized instead of entire or squashed tomatoes, yet know you may need to build the cooking time to attempt to separate the tomatoes—and still, at the end of the day they most likely won't separate totally. You can likewise puree them in a nourishment processor or blender in the event that you like. 

Diced tomatoes ought not be utilized to make custom made tomato sauce. 

Squashed tomatoes in white bowl 

Squashed tomatoes 

Squashed TOMATOES 

Squashed tomatoes are normally blended in with tomato puree or tomato juice, which makes them saucier than diced tomatoes, yet still chunkier than all out tomato sauce. They're likewise one stage more advantageous than entire stripped tomatoes when making a formula like chicken parmesan, chicken marinara, lasagna or a stewed soup like minestrone. 

Trade TIP: Crushed tomatoes can be utilized instead of entire stripped tomatoes or puréed tomatoes in plans where the tomatoes are intended to separate into a sauce or soup. 

Stewed tomatoes in white bowl 

Stewed tomatoes 


Stewed tomatoes have been cooked and prepared with sugar, herbs, flavors, and different flavorings like celery, onions, and peppers before being canned. They're commonly milder and better than entire, squashed, or diced canned tomatoes. 

Since the flavor differs broadly relying upon the additional fixings, it's not awfully normal to see a formula calling for canned stewed tomatoes, or in the event that it does, it most likely indicates a particular brand with the goal that the flavor is reliable. 

Trade TIP: Stewed tomatoes can be traded for entire, squashed, or diced tomatoes if and just if the extra fixings would work with the formula you're making. You'll need to do a little flavor sleuthing and interpreting! 

Pureed tomatoes in white bowl 

Pureéd tomatoes 


Puréed tomatoes have been seeded and stressed into a thick and smooth purée that is generally comparable in surface to squashed tomatoes, slightly thicker. They can be a helpful easy route for plans like tomato soup or sauces like tomato sauce or enchilada sauce, yet don't let the way that the tomatoes are as of now separated cut your cooking time excessively! A long stew is as yet expected to truly decrease and amass enhance in those plans, particularly if the tomato purée was somewhat watery in the first place. 

Trade TIP: Puréed tomatoes can be utilized instead of entire stripped tomatoes or squashed tomatoes in plans where a smooth sauce is the ultimate objective. 

Tomato sauce in a white bowl 

Tomato sauce 


Tomato sauce has been cooked and mixed into a smooth sauce with a concentrated tomato enhance (more than tomato purée, not as much as tomato glue). It is once in a while made by adding water to tomato glue. 

Try not to confound canned tomato sauce with bumped pasta sauce or hand crafted tomato sauce! They are not something very similar by any means. Canned tomato sauce has not been enhanced with seasonings, salt, or oil, however it makes an extraordinary base for natively constructed pizza sauce, grill sauce, plunging sauce, mushroom sauce or a sweet, saucy dish like heated beans! 

Trade TIP: With some extra flavoring and cooking, canned tomato sauce can be utilized instead of bumped pasta or pizza sauce or in stews, braises, or meals where a solid, sweet tomato season is wanted. 

Tomato glue in white bowl 

Tomato glue 


Tomato glue is made by cooking down the tomatoes until all the juice has vanished and the tomatoes have built up a dull red shading and thought season. You'll discover tomato glue in a wide range of plans, similar to vegetable lentil soup, where it's regularly included just in the wake of cooking the cleaved onions, garlic, celery, or carrots to caramelize in the oil and include a brilliant exquisite note and a touch of thickening. It's inconceivably adaptable and a staple without a doubt!