AGT Premiere: Terry Crews Talks Giving Tearful Golden Buzzer to 'Inspirational' Homeless Choir

Plus, the host opens up about eventually resuming production on season 15 after the coronavirus lockdown

AGT Premiere: Terry Crews Talks Giving Tearful Golden Buzzer to 'Inspirational' Homeless Choir

Terry Crews is back on America's Got Talent with a Golden Buzzer for another meriting ensemble. 

On Tuesday's season 15 debut, which was taped in late-winter before the coronavirus flare-up in the U.S., the host, 51, pressed the desired catch for Voices of Our City Choir, the network ensemble of 225 individuals who are unsheltered and destitute in San Diego, California. 

"It was so helpful, I was in tears," Crews, 51, tells PEOPLE. "I can't resist the urge to cry. I would prefer not to cry, I let myself know don't cry." 

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine entertainer reviews his "tears tumbling down" and feeling "roused through the rooftop" after the ensemble played out a unique tune titled "Hints of the Sidewalk" about living in the city. 

"The entire world will know and be influenced," Crews says. "I don't think there will be a dry eye in the house on that Golden Buzzer." 

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Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara were likewise enlivened by the exhibition. 

"What they did today has moved me to this point at this moment," Crews told the ensemble as he remained between Klum, 46, and Vergara, 47, preceding pushing the Golden Buzzer. 

The White Chicks star adds to PEOPLE, "The gigantic deterrents that every single one of these entertainers needs to experience to jump on this overall stage ... at the point when you truly hear their accounts, it's extremely mind blowing. Also, presently they're here!" 

"My better half instructs me to quit saying this, yet I would have this show for nothing," he proceeds. "It's totally the most helpful thing I've at any point been engaged with. It's a lot greater than me." 

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With Crews' Golden Buzzer, the Voices of Our City Choir advances to the live shows, which are ordinarily recorded in August. Be that as it may, the coronavirus pandemic has closed down creation on AGT, and the timetable for continuing the live shows stays uncertain. 

"I am 100 percent all set. When we get the entire freedom and everyone is all set on, I will be there," Crews says of recording the remainder of season 15. "I will be the first on that stage, I guarantee you that." 

In spite of the fact that states are reviving scenes, how film and TV creation can securely continue in a COVID-19 world presently can't seem to be resolved. 

"As a matter of first importance, this thing is impermanent," Crews says of shielding set up and recording remote scenes. "When we get free and we can be certain that individuals will be protected, I'm not frightened of it by any means." 

"I'm good to go out and get out there live," he includes. "You can't supplant human communication. You can't supplant it, it's excessively significant." 

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