Brian Austin Green Reportedly Still Not Over Megan Fox But Source Says Tina Louise Is A Healthy Step Forward!

While he’s been seeing Tina Louise and they seem to vibe together really well, one insider report argues that people should not be fooled – Brian Austin Green is still very much heartbroken over his Megan Fox separation. That being […]

Brian Austin Green Reportedly Still Not Over Megan Fox But Source Says Tina Louise Is A Healthy Step Forward!
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While he's been seeing Tina Louise and they appear to vibe together truly well, one insider report contends that individuals ought not be tricked – Brian Austin Green is still especially shattered over his Megan Fox partition. That being stated, he's despite everything put the entirety of his expectation in his new sentiment with Tina Louise, that she will assist him with mending and get over the mother of his kids. 

The entertainer burned through no time proceeding onward from Brian Austin Green with Machine Gun Kelly however while it shows up her ex did likewise with Tina Louise, things are quite unique. 

In all actuality, Megan Fox isn't thinking back with regards to their bombed marriage and is, truth be told, more joyful than she's been in years! 

The equivalent can't be said about Brian Austin Green, in any case. 

One source reveals to HollywoodLife that the man is as yet shattered over losing the one lady he considered his perfect partner and who he despite everything cherishes a ton, even while dating another person. 

Moreover, seeing that Megan proceeded onward so quick damages much more yet fortunately, Tina Louise truly appears exactly what he needs so as to recuperate. 

'Brian required Tina now more than he at any point thought on the grounds that losing Megan was extremely hard on him. Tina makes him snicker and she sets him feeling great that he trusts it just proceeds. He is extremely glad to have her in his life. There's something extremely uncommon about her that is fulfilling him. Tina resembles a much needed refresher for Brian and precisely what he needs at this moment,' the insider dished through a similar media source. 

Another insider proceeded to clarify that: 'She is such a positive individual and continually giggling, and looking on the splendid side of things. In the modest bunch of events he has gone through with her, Brian likes her increasingly more inevitably. He was naturally in somewhat of a droop for some time after the split from Megan, however Tina's very lifted his spirits.'