Cecily Strong Pens Heartbreaking Essay About Late Cousin's Cancer Battle

Opening up. Saturday Night Live star Cecily Strong spoke from the heart about the pain of grieving while social distancing and the challenges of navigating a new relationship amid a pandemic. The 35-year-old comedian reflected on the loss of her cousin Owen, who was battling an aggressive form of brain cancer, in a personal essay […]

Cecily Strong Pens Heartbreaking Essay About Late Cousin's Cancer Battle
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Opening up. Saturday Night Live star Cecily Strong talked from the heart about the torment of lamenting while social separating and the difficulties of exploring another relationship in the midst of a pandemic. 

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The 35-year-old humorist pondered the loss of her cousin Owen, who was fighting a forceful type of cerebrum malignant growth, in an individual exposition for Vulture. Solid followed her family's excursion back to March 2018, when her cousin was analyzed, however conceded that she didn't know "how to recount to this story" in a way that does Owen equity. 

She recalled her "intrepid" cousin's aura the first occasion when she saw him subsequent to getting the news. "Owen has this nature of being the person who underpins everybody around him, even while being the person who is experiencing fiery medications for glioblastoma," she composed. "He's extremely exceptional." 

In spite of his outward quality, Owen lost his long fight and capitulated to the malignant growth in January. Amidst her overwhelming misfortune, Strong additionally wound up experiencing passionate feelings for somebody she met at a gathering the prior month. Despite the fact that from the start their planning wasn't "incredible," they wind up making a solid association. They made their relationship official only two months after Owen's passing. 

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Cecily Strong at The American Museum of Natural History Gala on November 15, 2018 in New York City, NameFace LLC/Shutterstock 

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"From the outset I thought it was so hard to meet somebody directly as I was losing somebody I cherished to such an extent. I realized he'd must show restraint toward me," Strong composed. "He'd need to allow me to lament. It would be simpler not to try and take a stab at during that procedure. In any case, lamenting for Owen resembled nothing I'd at any point experienced, and I guaranteed Owen and myself to keep on leaving all that affection alone there alongside the pity." 

The Ghostbusters on-screen character was simply beginning to consider her to be relationship as a "blessing" when her reality was shaken by another bit of decimating news. Not long after they characterized their relationship, her sweetheart tried positive for the novel coronavirus. 

"What awful planning," Strong said. "I'm in my fourteen day isolate in my modest condo in New York. I've cried each day. I'm terrified about Jack. I'm truly frightened. … I believe it will self-destruct with Jack now. I'm angry with him for not understanding why I continually need to know he's alright. I'm angry with myself for expecting to continually know he's alright. I'm angry with companions looking at missing their f–ruler birthday events." 

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Despite the fact that she may not so much skill to fold her head over an amazing account — and his effect on hers — there are a couple of things Strong knows without a doubt. 

"The world is topsy turvy. I'm holding pulverization and love in equivalent measures," she finished up. "I had a cousin named Owen who had red hair as a young man and he was a genuine child and he cherished feathered creatures. He showed me love during his life and he's showing me love after. What's more, I'm extremely fortunate."