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Vakel Saab Movie Review: ‘Powerful Messages’

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Vakel Saab Movie Review: ‘Powerful Messages’

Film: Vakeel Saab

Rating: 3/5

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Haasan, Anjali, Nivetha Thomas, Prakash Raj, Ananya Nagalla, and others

Dialogue: Mamidala Tirupathi

Music: Thaman SS

Cinematography: PS Vinod

Editor: Prawin Pudi

Creation Designer: Rajeevan

Producers: Raju – Sirish

Screenplay – Direction: Sriram Venu

Delivery Date: April 09, 2021

“Vakeel Saab” is the most-expected film of the year. Pawan Kalyan who has been fiddling with legislative issues too is making rebound to the film after a long hole of three years. In the midst of exclusive standards, the film is here to captivate the crowds.

How about we dissect.

Story: Vemula Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Zareena (Anjali), and Divya (Ananya Nagalla) are flat mates and they go to a gathering with the greeting of one of the young lady’s companions Vamsi. At the gathering, Vamsi attempts to attack Pallavi and she hits him with a jug. The two young men and young ladies record bodies of evidence against one another.

Satya Dev (Pawan Kalyan), a legal advisor who has his issues to manage and evil spirits to fight with, takes up the young lady’s case. Nanda (Prakash Raj) guards the young men.

Could Vakeel Saab win the case as all fortuitous proof is against the three young ladies?

Artistes’ Performances:

For any entertainer to venture into the shoes of a character that was initially played by amazing entertainer Amitabh Bachchan is a major test. Pawan Kalyan, notwithstanding, has assumed the part in his style, exhibiting his star charm just as some extreme acting in the subsequent half. He looks very old to assume the part of an understudy in the flashback scenes.

Shruti Haasan shows up as Pawan Kalyan’s lady in a flashback scene.

Nivetha Thomas, who demonstrated her fortitude in a few movies, has used her substantial job adequately displaying faultless acting abilities. As Pallavi, she leaves a solid imprint. Anjali and Ananya both fit entirely in their jobs. Anjali conveys a strong exhibition in a breakdown arrangement.

Prakash Raj as legal advisor Nanda is remarkable as usual.

Specialized Excellence:

In contrast to ‘Pink’, “Vakeel Saab” is made on a greater spending plan. PS Vinod’s camera work sparkles in the court arrangements. The sets and the general creation plan by Rajeevan are real and tasteful.

Thaman’s melodies are well-suited to the topic. The ‘Maguva’ melody has effectively been a chartbuster. However, his genuine ability can be found behind the scenes score.

Exchange composing is perfect. Altering ought to have been fresh.

Features: The message of the film

Contentions in the court

Pawan Kalyan’s star power


Unengaging Pawan Kalyan’s flashback

Obvious business components

Superfluous battles and political discoursed


‘Vakeel Saab’ is the authority revamp of the 2016 Bollywood film, Pink. The Hindi film was basically a court show. It was later changed with Ajith in Tamil.

While the center of the story is dedicated to the Hindi form, Telugu chief Sriram Venu has likewise rolled out numerous improvements to keep Pawan Kalyan’s fans upbeat.

In contrast to the first film, this one beginnings with the “Maguva” melody which discusses the excellencies of ladies, and how the world would be without them.

“Vakeel Saab” starts with three young ladies and how they arrived for a situation. In the wake of setting up this point, Pawan Kalyan goes into the scene as an attorney with a drinking propensity.

For around 20 minutes, the film switches between the three young ladies’ story and Pawan Kalyan’s successions and afterward abruptly goes into his flashback scene.

The flashback story is long and uncovers what caused him to turn into a legal counselor and how he met his significant other (Shruti Haasan) and how could she pass on. This piece of the story may speak to Pawan Kalyan’s fans however for the regular crowd, it is very exhausting.

In addition, Pawan Kalyan additionally glances very fatigued in this part. There are numerous political discoursed too which don’t work a lot.

Fortunately, the film goes to the central matter of ‘Pink’ from the span and doesn’t go astray further. It is the second 50% of the film that has functioned admirably.

The film assaults on the outlook of labeling ladies dependent on their and uncovered the standards laid by society for ladies.

Albeit the whole second half happens in the court, the chief has ensured it to be a connecting with watch by adding some extra scenes and great exchanges between Prakash Raj and Pawan Kalyan.

We can find in two different ways about this film: either as, it has obviously weakened the solid directive for business reasons, or as a major star film that additionally is dedicated to the first message. In any case, “Vakeel Saab” makes a nice watch.

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned issues, “Vakeel Saab” is a film with a message in a business design. A few bits have functioned admirably, some have not. However, it makes an ideal rebound for Pawan Kalyan.

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