‘Chocolate Boy’ Abhay Deol Gets A Delicious Surprise In Hotel

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 16 total views,  16 views today Abhay Deol is an actor who keeps his fans engaged with witty and relatable content. With over 834k followers, the actor keeps uploading hilarious Instagram posts almost every other day. His latest post put a smile on our faces, and we are sure it will do the same to you! He […]

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5 Casserole Sets That Will Keep Your Food Hot And Fresh

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 6 total views,  6 views today The need for a good casserole to store food hasn’t been given as much importance as it should have. Without a casserole, we wouldn’t be able to store our food in a way that retains that food’s freshness and keeps it hot. Another benefit of a casserole is that it prevents […]

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How To Chop Onions Like A Pro | Easy Tips To Chop Onions

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 6 total views,  6 views today Indian cooking involves a lot of onions to bring out the flavour in any dish. Whether you are making a healthy salad, delicious snacks or rich curries and gravies, raw onions are a must. But don’t you just despise how the raw onions give a burning sensation in our eyes and […]

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How To Make Masala For Pindi Chole | Easy Pindi Chole Masala Recipe

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 102 total views,  102 views today Spicy, rich and buttery – these are all the things that describe the Punjabi cuisine! While this cuisine has given us tons of lip-smacking gems, one such thing that most of us love to devour is the Pindi chole. Chole, also known as chana, is prepared in various ways across the […]

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Andhra-Style Bhindi: This Crispy Bhindi From Andhra Is The Ultimate Recipe You Need To Try

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 120 total views,  33 views today Andhra Pradesh is well-known for its spicy regional cuisines. The handcrafted spice combination is what make the dishes from Andhra one of a kind. Usually known for its hearty curries, salads, and biryani, did you know that this region is famous for its bhindi too?Yes, you read that right! Bhindi, also […]

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Bride Eats Pastry While Dancing On Wedding Day, ‘Relatable’ Says Internet

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 36 total views,  24 views today Hunger is a feeling which can strike at any time. From kids to adults, senior citizens to even animals – the need for food affects all age groups equally. At moments like these, all we can think of is just grabbing whatever we can lay our hands on – no holds […]

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7 San Francisco Restaurants Where Wine Is As Good As The Food

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 34 total views,  20 views today When it comes to drinking well, San Francisco is right up there with New York and any European city you can name. Many restaurants in the Bay have superb wine programs. It’s a dilemma figuring out which ones are most deserving. Ultimately, it comes down to quality first, originality, and diversity […]

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How To Make Spicy Sambar Masala, Chettinad-Style (Recipe Inside)

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 26 total views,  14 views today Think South Indian cuisine, sambar is probably one of the first names that will pop-up in your mind. It is one common dish that many of us cook at home. The mix of dals, veggies and spices in this dish is what brings out its flavours and aroma. However, many a […]

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How To Make Lemon Rice – A Wholesome And Yummy Dish From South India

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 60 total views,  4 views today In our busy schedules, we hardly get time to make food. Whether you are stuck in online classes or work meetings, the time passes by, and we keep thinking about what to make for lunch or dinner. As the day comes to an end, all we want is a quick and […]

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5 Water Bottle Sets That Will Help You Stay Hydrated

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 77 total views Importance of water needs no introduction. It keeps us nourished, hydrated and helps maintain overall health. Plants need water, animals need water and so do humans. Health experts from around the world stress that drinking enough water may ward off several diseases. Hence, it is extremely necessary to keep water handy. What is […]

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