Star Sam Heughan Opens Up About 'Six Years of Constant Bullying

Star Sam Heughan Opens Up About 'Six Years of Constant Bullying

Sam Heughan, who plays lead Jamie Fraser on the Starz arrangement Outlander, shared on his Twitter account Friday that, for as long as six years, he has been exposed to "consistent tormenting, provocation, following, and bogus story." 

The Scottish star included that up to this point he has hushed up about the following, which has obviously gone on since 2014, the year his show originally publicized. He composed that it's "influencing [his] life, mental state and is an every day concern." He went on: "I can't detailed for continuous lawful reasons, however they are experts: educators, clinicians, grown-ups who should know better. As of late, these bogus cases differ from me controlling fans, being a wardrobe gay, attempting to delude or urge fans for cash and dismissing Covid exhortation. I've done non [sic] of the abovementioned. I'm a typical person and in no way like the characters I play." 

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11:02 AM - Apr 17, 2020 

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Heughan, who has been self-disengaging in Hawaii, said that individuals have been scrutinizing him online for deciding to remain where he is as opposed to returning home to the U.K. 

"I came here before the movement boycott," he composed. "Non [sic] of us realized how terrible things would get however as the circumstance exacerbated, upon the exhortation of everybody I trust, I chose to stay in a sheltered domain. It was a decent choice. I'm sheltered, detached, putting nobody in danger and am not a weight to local people." 

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Sam Heughan as soon as possible Loss of 'Foreigner' 

On April 23, Hawaii's senator, David Ige, gave a stay-at-home request for inhabitants from March 25 through April 30. Authorities are talking about lifting stay-at-home requests in the state as right on time as May, however they caution that exacting social-separating practices would even now need to stay basically. 

Heughan added that he wouldn't like to put himself or others in danger by taking three-to-five trips back home and going through around 20 hours on planes. 

"As of late I was sick for 3 months and am by and large twofold cautious," he proceeded. He said that his domineering jerks have "shared private data and mishandled [his] friends and family." He included, "I won't engage it any longer and am blocking anybody that composes anything abusive or oppressive."