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Holika Dahan today, know when the tradition

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Holika Dahan today, know when the tradition and auspicious times

started Holika Dahan is also mentioned in the 300-year-old inscription found in Ramgarh, located near the Vindhya mountains.

Holika Dahan is on Sunday 28th March today. In Hinduism, Holika is lit every year on Falgun Purnima and worship of Holika Mai is done. Holika Dahan is praised as the triumph of good over evil.

Holika Dahan is considered to be extremely beneficial and good in terms of health. According to one of the mythological beliefs, Lord Krishna killed a demon named Pootana on the day of Holika. Holika’s fire symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Holika was sitting in the fire with Vishnu devotee Prahlad to take his life. Despite the boon of not burning in the fire, she burnt to ashes because Holika’s intention was not right.

The history of Holika Dahan is very old. Holika Dahan is also mentioned in the 300-year-old inscription found in Ramgarh, located near the Vindhya mountains. Let’s know about Holika Dahan from mythology …


According to the legend, when the demon king Hiranyakashyap saw that his son Prahlada did not worship any other God except Vishnu, he became enraged and finally ordered his sister Holika to take Prahlada in his lap and sit in the fire, because Holika had the blessing that she could not be harmed by fire.

On the contrary, Holika was consumed by burning and nothing happened to the devotee Prahlada. In memory of this occurrence, there is a law to perform Holika Dahan on this day. The celebration of Holi gives the message that similarly, God is consistently present to ensure his one of a kind aficionados.

Not only this, many other stories of Holi are also prevalent.

Shiva-Parvati episode:-
According to another such legend, Parvati wanted to marry Shiva but the attention of Shiva absorbed in penance did not go to her. In such a situation, the God of love, Kamdev came forward and he put a flower arrow on Shiva.

Shiva got so angry due to dissolution of austerity that he opened his third eye and in the fire of his anger, Kamdev was consumed. After Kamdev was consumed, his wife Rati started crying and pleaded with Shiva to bring Kamdev alive.

By the next day Shiva’s anger had subsided, he revived Kamadeva. Holika is lit on the day of Kamdev’s incineration and the festival of colors is celebrated in the joy of his being alive.

Know today’s auspicious and inauspicious time from the almanac
Today’s date – full moon – until 24:19:53
Today’s constellation- Uttara Phalguni – 17:36:33
Today’s Karan-Vishti – By 13:56:57, Bava – By 24:19:53
Today’s favor – Shukla
Today’s Addition – Increase – By 21:48:48
Today’s War – Sunday

Today sunrise-sunset
Sunrise- 06:16:32
Sunset- 18:36:38
Moonrise- 18:15:59
Moon-not moon
Moon sign – Virgo

Hindu month and year
Shaka Samvat – 1942 Sharvari
Vikram Samvat – 2077
Black Samvat – 5122
Day time- 12:20:05
Mas Amant – Phalgun
Mas Purnimant – Phalgun
Auspicious time – from 12:01:55 to 12:51:16

Inauspicious time (inauspicious time)
Wicked – from 16:57:58 to 17:47:18
Kulik – from 16:57:58 to 17:47:18
Kantak – 10:23:14 to 11:12:35
Rahu period- from 17:04:08 to 18:36:38
Kalvela / Ardhyam – 12:01:55 to 12:51:16
Yamaghant – 13:40:36 to 14:29:56
Yamagand – from 12:26:35 to 13:59:06
Gulik period – 15:31:37 to 17:04:08

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