Rare US constitution copy tipped for $20 million sale at auction

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 2 total views,  2 views today An extremely rare original copy of the American constitution, signed in 1787 in Philadelphia, will soon be auctioned with an estimated value of between $15 million and $20 million, Sotheby’s announced Friday. It is one of only 11 known surviving copies and will be sold in New York in November, the auction house said. Sotheby’s is exhibiting until Sunday a private collection […]

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China cracks down on tech titans: Billionaire loses $27 billion in world’s biggest wealth drop

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 30 total views Over the previous 11 months, China has cracked down on its internet behemoths. As China begins to silence its internet billionaires, companies like Tencent, Alibaba Group, Ant Group, Didi, and others have faced growing regulatory pressure. The Chinese government’s antagonistic approach has resulted in the world’s largest wealth loss. The Chinese stock markets […]

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Parents of students with disabilities try to make up for lost year

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 0 total views Caleb Bell is deaf, blind and nonverbal. When classes at his Manhattan school moved online last year, Bell needed his mother’s help to answer direct questions. She would often reach over and lift a block with a raised green circle, signifying “yes,” or a raised red X signifying “no.” But, Bell, 21, would […]

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It’s that time of year, experts warn: Get a flu shot

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 2 total views Last fall, as coronavirus cases climbed and the world hoped for vaccines, health experts feared influenza and COVID-19 would combine for a devastating “twindemic.” While pandemic measures appeared to keep the flu at bay, this year experts are again concerned, especially as some countries and state authorities roll back lockdown rules. Many officials […]

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From TV to the French Presidency? A right-ring star is inspired by Trump

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 0 total views France’s election season began in force this week, with candidates for the presidency launching their bids or holding campaign-style events. But the person who stole the show was not a candidate, or even a politician, but a right-wing writer and TV star channeling Donald Trump. Éric Zemmour became one of France’s top TV […]

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Aukus: Angry France cancels gala event in Washington

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 24 total views In an apparent sign of its displeasure over US-UK-Australia submarine deal, France called off a gala at its ambassador’s house in Washington, said the French embassy. The gala was scheduled for Friday. The new submarine deal means that the US will now supply submarines to Australia instead of France. The gala event was […]

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Aukus: China calls the alliance ‘irresponsible’, Australia shrugs

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 28 total views,  2 views today Australia on Friday shrugged off angry Chinese reaction over US-UK-Australia alliance that will involve Australia receiving nuclear submarine technology from the trans-Atlantic partners. It is widely believed that the three countries have come together in order to counter growing Chinese assertion in the South China Sea and in view of its […]

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High natural gas prices lead to a shutdown of British fertilizer plants

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 38 total views Manufacturers in Britain have warned in recent weeks that soaring prices for natural gas would force them to shut down factories, and that prediction is now coming true. CF Industries, a global producer of agricultural fertilizer, said late Wednesday it would halt operations at two plants in northern England because of high natural […]

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China denies German warship entry into harbour, Berlin says

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 22 total views China has denied a German warship on a mission to the contested South China Sea entry into a harbour, a German foreign ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday. The ship involved is the frigate Bayern, the spokesperson told a news briefing, but did not identify the Chinese harbour. The vessel set sail from Germany last month for a six-month mission to the South China Sea. “China has decided that it […]

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France says Biden acted like Trump to sink Australia defence deal

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 14 total views France accused US President Joe Biden on Thursday of stabbing it in the back and acting like his predecessor Donald Trump after Paris was pushed aside from a lucrative defence deal that it had signed with Australia for submarines. The United States, Britain and Australia said they would establish a security partnership for the Indo-Pacific that will help Australia acquire US nuclear-powered submarines and scrap the $40 billion French-designed submarine deal. “This […]

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